Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Proud!!!

I know you are all anxiously awaiting more pictures of our trip, specifically ballpark details (yeah right!)...but first I just have to quickly post this...

Willie ran a 5K with me on Saturday.


He's pretty amazing, no?!

In his division, which is everybody under 12, including babes in strollers, he came in 25th.

For 6 year olds...and 7 and 8 year old boys....he came in FIRST!! First by 8 full minutes.

I am sooooo proud!


Linds said...

This is the start of his training for the olympics right?!

Anonymous said...

Yea Joshua, way to go!

Puppy Grandma said...

Tremendous! He said to me: "Grandma, some big girls ran past me, but I ran really, really fast and got back in front!"