Monday, September 27, 2010


The Boss wants you to know that the "pushy thing" will burn you, so don't touch it. The "hidey thing" is a good, portable place to hide, but only for her because she's little because she's not three yet, and the "choky things" will make her choke and die and the then the police will come and take her to jail. Just so you know.

Gus has his first day of preschool today!!! He wants to bring for show and tell....wait for it....the tupperware sandwich holder thing!

EmJ has been participating in cross country. She's awesome. Especially when she gets distracted from the fact that she's supposed to be running and starts galloping like she's riding a horse or sticks her arms out to fly...she earned her team 29 points last week. Least points wins.

And finally, while Luke was vacuuming out the car some time ago, he found Willie's cupholder full of dirt. Buried in the dirt were a bunch of pennies. Only one of my children would actually try to plant a money tree!

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Puppy Grandma said...

You are up and going much to early in the morning! I love your posts. They always make me laugh out loud.