Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dora's Backpack

Watching an episode of "Dora, the Explorer" today, Gus says,

"Mom, why does she have a pencil and a notebook in her backpack?"

I don't know. Why does she have a tennis racket in her backpack?

"Well, probably to play tennis!"

So, it's perfectly logical to have a tennis racket, a lifejacket, some sticky tape, a yellow ball, or a baby bottle in your backpack, but not a pencil and paper? Volcanoes erupt in bouncy balls, jaguars are good traveling companions, and gorillas travel in singing groups. Got it.

I guess I'm too old to understand Dora...but I do want one of her miracle backpacks.

Next time I ride a ferris wheel, I will make sure it hasn't been built using Dora's sticky tape.

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Pam Mueller said...

That is priceless! Rebecca loved her "packpack" as she called it when she was little. I was in the airport recently and overheard a little boy say to his mom,"Do you have my packpack?" I smiled remembering all the fun times my kids have given me.