Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Zoo

It should come as no suprise that our house is a figurative zoo. Animals everywhere, resembling barking seals, roaming free. However, after visiting the literal zoo yesterday, I am rethinking the whole cage can't really hear the animals, they are fed and receive health care, they can't get out to pose a threat to themselves or others, and people PAY you to see them...I am not really seeing the down side here.
Wilson!! The elephants were Gus's first and only objective.

EmJ paid admission just to get her picture taken on every single statue. She could have cared less about the animals. I can't wait to see her scrapbook of the "zoo."

Don't worry, we got a picture of everybody in front of Wilson...for Wilson...In this picture, Gus has just recovered from a tantrum in which he was disappointed that he forgot to bring Wilson to the zoo so he (Wilson) could see the real Wilsons. I was quick to point out that while smelly, real elephants are definitely not pink.

The animals. Sam periodically jumped out of the stroller and round everyone up for a picture. We've got quite a few of these. Willie is too cool to open his eyes, and Gus is showing us his "fire fingers!"

Reillee is the reason I went to the zoo in the first place. She has developed, like all babies, a love for anything small and furry. She was positively jumping out of my arms trying to touch animals--anything she could see up close. She especially liked the river otters. Here she is with the orangutan.
In other news, Reillee's 6 month stats are as follows:
16 lbs. 5 oz.
26 inches
She is wearing the clothes that Sam was wearing at a year.
She loves to eat long as it looks the same as what the rest of the family is eating.
She has developed severe baby rage. This is a term we coined for Willie when he was 4 months old. (He wanted to crawl but couldn't figure out how, so he would do push ups, then collapse onto his stomach screaming bloody murder.) Reillee's baby rage, however, happens when she picks up a bit of food off her tray and then wonders why it isn't magically in her mouth. She hasn't figured out that interim "hand-to-mouth" step and it is causing her some major problems. She can often be found screaming in her chair with an empty tray and two fist-fulls of Cheerios.
Otherwise, she is a happy, healthy, well-sleeping little joy!

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