Friday, October 01, 2010

First Day of Preschool

It was a happy day on Monday, when Benjamin had his first day of "real" preschool. Last year we did a sort of co-op type preschool, and he was seriously miffed. All year. So, he was excited to start preschool for real. No mothers!

Of course, now I have to deal with Sam asking multiple times a day, "When I am three can I go to preschool with Gus?" Oh well.

Benjamin's reports from the first 3 days have been nothing but positive. There are 6 kids from church in his class, including his cousin, and my sister is one of the teachers. All fun, all the time. I am sure I will have carpool stories throughout the year...four boys and Sam in my car is going to be loads of laughs.

And the first day of preschool brougt us this. Rainbows are so cool!

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liv said...

Aww! cutie!!