Monday, November 01, 2010

Required Halloween Post

This is how I feel right now...Reillee has been sick, or teething, or something, and I haven't had much sleep. Nonetheless, I should probably post some Halloween pictures like a good journaler, right?
Aaaaand, they are out of order. Again. Oh, well, here are Santa and a "Frincess" and Reillee all dressed up for Halloween. I think this was the first dress-up occassion...storytime at the library.

Santa. (I am so glad Halloween is over and am hoping this Santa thing has run it's course. Although, he has been saying that when he grows up, he wants to BE Santa...)

He made his costume all by himself!

Here are the girls dressed up on Saturday. Trunk-or-treat time! The kids had a blast, the weather was cooperative, it was very low-key. Just my cup of tea.
Reillee was a bumble bee, Sam a puppy, Gus Santa Claus, Willie a baseball player, EmJ a twig.

And today starts November!!! The Giants won the penant...which is the second-best World Series outcome, so not too shabby. I was able to put away the Halloween decor in favor of the gratitude wall. And we are only 55 days away from Christmas!!! I love the fall.

Lindsey sent me a bunch of simple bows. They are lovely...and Reillee pulls them off her head as soon as I put them on. I had to capture this photo, though, as I have one of EmJ at the same age in the same outfit. Adorable!

And, finally, this picture cracks me up. First of all, that's my little sister, not me. I feel like I am looking into a mirror sometimes when I look at her. She came over to our house to borrow my clothes, as she was going to a costume party as "a mom." I made her take a picture holding a fresh baked apple pie to really get into character.
The best part of the night, though, was that as I made that apple pie I was listening to the Yankee game on the radio.
Baseball and apple pie.
I am a true American!


Kali said...

Holy Hannah! That is your sister!?? that is the craziest. And I am laughing that she borrowed clothes from you to dress up like a mom. I don't know how that would make me feel ... haha. Love the first pic btw. hee hee.

Puppy Grandma said...

Holy cow! I really had to do a double take on that last picture.

Jenna said...

Very cute pictures; I"m going through the same thing with Addison..something must be in the air; and yes before I saw the text, I thought that your sister is looking SOOO much like you! I still remember when we moved into the dorms and here comes your little sister pushing your big trunk down the hall...miss you!

Our Family Adventure's said...

WOW I always thought that Alivia looked just like Linds until I saw this photo, but then all of you look a lot a like :)

Erin said...

I definitely thought that was you also. By the way, your kids are beautiful and getting so big!