Saturday, January 01, 2011

{insert witty title here}

I had so many thoughts for this post, that no title seemed sufficient.

Happy New Year? Resolution Time? Out with the Old? Overwhelmed? Something's Gotta Give? The End of an Era?

It has taken me 9 months, but I've finally admitted to myself that I have a problem. Keeping up. With my life. To steal an oft-stolen phrase, I feel like I'm running after my life trying to pick up the pieces. Since Reillee's birth, I've felt stretched to the limit. I feel like I am falling behind on both the things that I have to do and the things that I want to do. And a new year is beginning whether or not I am ready.

Therefore, in the interest of time, sanity, and frugality:

I am not going to scrapbook this year.

Whew! That was tough to say.

I wonder if I'll keep that resolution....

Ahhhh, but that cluttered folding table in my dining room will spend an entire year hiding in the garage....I feel peaceful just knowing I won't have to look at it's mess of projects on a daily basis.

Instead of a scrapbook, I am going to be a diligent, yet boring blogger (sorry). I intend to record (and photograph) more of the day to day around here and print a blog book at the end of the year.

We'll see how it goes.

Shoot, I just realized this post will be front and center. I should add a picture or something.

Let the experiment begin!


Linds said...

haha! I'm doing the same thing! I've realized that printing a costco book is WAY cheaper than printing out 12x12 digital scrapbooking sheets! I'm also determined to catch up with scrapbooking supplies that I already have and not buy anything new. Good Luck to us!

Laura A said...

It's 5 kids, I tell you. I've lost all maternal grace perpetually feel pathetic. Sorry, sista'. I think we're stuck.