Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Look how we rang in the new year!!! (New Year's Day, actually.) Deep fried Twinkies...oh, my! These bad boys were soooo good. In fact, it's a good thing we were not at home. It forced me to be polite and eat only one...and a half...instead of the entire tray.

Luke is a masterful deep-fryer.

We spent New Year's Eve at our home with some good friends. It was a wild party. And as with all wild parties, it ended at 8:30. After our chums left, we cleaned until 8:59, then counted down until 9:00. Happy New Year!!! Notice Reillee's reaction to the cheering. Lovely. We were all asleep by about 9:45. Perfect!

We pulled out the johnny jump-up for Reillee this weekend. She loves it. The kids love it a little bit too much.

Happy New Year!!

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Kali said...

Shouldn't deep friend twinkies be against the law? ok they look kinda good...:)