Monday, January 31, 2011

Mariner's Fanfest

Saturday's date was a day at Fanfest!! Baseball season is almost here!!

We got to play catch in the outfield. I was positively melting with joy. There are only a few things that I simply MUST do before I die, and playing ball in a major league stadium is one of them. Now, I want to shag balls for batting practice, or play an actual baseball game....but playing catch with Luke in the outfield at the Safe was a close second! Do you love Luke's homerun rob?!

I got to sit in the bullpen...that bench has butt warmers. We also caught pop flies in the outfield (shot from a pitching machine) and ran the bases. So cool. Yes, I wore a Yankees jacket. No, I didn't get beat up (blue state, remember, we love everyone). I did, however, attract the attention of a photographer...I wish I could see the photos he snapped of us playing catch in the outfield (which clearly weren't cool enough to make the paper).

Yesterday, we heralded in the birthday season a couple of days early. First victim, Benjamin!! He will be 5 on Tuesday, but since it was my mom's birthday, too, we celebrated with dinner and cake last night...5, it! I have a sneaky suspicion his birthday celebrations will continue through the week.

"Mom! Reillee is playing with the choky things!!!"
Yep, Reillee is 10 months now, and her newfound crawling skills have enabled her to leave a path of destruction wherever she goes. She pulls everything out of every box or bin or drawer that she can reach...including the "choky things." She also started Cry It Out University three days ago (should have gone months ago, but at least she will conplete her education, right?). Last night, for the first time since she was 4 months old, she slept for 12 hours straight. Heaven. Hopefully, graduation is nigh.
Happy February everyone!!!

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Laura A said...

Wow, Max hasn't even attended University yet. Doesn't Reillee share a room with sibs? How do you manage that?

Max is like a caged animal, demanding to be fed at all hours.