Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gus's Birthday, cont'd

Benjamin had a little friend/cousin party on Tuesday. A little chicken nuggets and juice, a pinata minus the pinata (we threw candy on the ground, blindfolded the kids, and let 'em loose), some Twister, and a few rice krispie treats make a great party. I think the highlight for Gus was getting a whoopie cushion. It's been a noisy couple of days...

On Monday, Luke's parents came over for dinner and a movie and more birthday spoiling!

Benjamin was THRILLED with our gift to him...a gumball machine. The gumballs are already gone, but it was a big hit.

Reillee's new sleep skills have provided lots of "oh, look at her sleep" moments. Incidentally, she woke up screaming from this nap....methinks her foot fell asleep.
(Pssst. La. We let the kids have a sleepover in EmJ's room for a few days while Reillee cried it out.)

And...the Boss. This is midafternoon, when I caught the Boss outside, wearing rainboots, riding her bike. She was supposed to be napping.
(And mom, before you freak out, Yes, I heard her leave her room, put on the boots, get the bike from the garage, wrangle it outside, and start her joyride. Her escape skills need work.)
What strikes me funny about this is not that she didn't want to take a nap, nor that she went outside without permission (though none of my other kids would DARE), but that when I "found" her she was completely UNcontrite...if that's a word. "Hi mom, I am riding my bike. I am done sleeping and I need to play for this minutes" (holding up 5 fingers).


Alivia said...

It never ceases to impress me how similar Sam and I are. The 4th children seem to be pretty similar in this family. We even look alike. "None of my other children would ever DARE to do that" is the most commonly used phrase in our household haha.

ashtrost said...

I love your stories about the kids. Funny!! They are going to love reading this when they are older. Make sure to do a blog book.

DJ, Angie, Amelia and Bryson said...

So how long and often did she cry? Amelia would wake up once, cry for hour, then be done for the rest of the night. With in 2 days she would only cry for 15 min and by a week she was solid. We have tried it twice with Bryson and he will wake up every 1/2 hour to hour for the rest of the night and cry and cry and 4 days later not be any better. RRRR Between him and taking Amelia potty I rarely get more than a 3 hour stretch and I am SICK OF IT! Oh and Happy Birthday Benjamin!

US said...

it was so good seeing you last week! hopefully next time we come down it will be a longer visit- and we will get to see the whole family!