Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reillee is One!!!!

Look who turned one today! (Or rather, turns one at 11:47 pm....I am never going to let her forget the fact that she nearly slept past her due date.) At this time last year I was making rice krispie treats for EmJ's school class. At 9:20 I called some dear friends to come sit with my kids (I know they don't miss those late night-ish calls, but I sure miss my friends...horribly), at 9:30 I probably scared one of said young friends away from ever wanting to have kids (because if your contractions are already that bad and you've only been in labor for 10 minutes....yikes...), at 9:40 I was headed to the hospital, at 10:30 I was yelling at Luke to yell at somebody, anybody to find us a room, at 11:00 I was staring slack-jawed at some moronic nurse who wanted to know what my "symptoms" were, and at 11:47 Reillee came into the world bright-eyed and hungry!

Today, by 9:20 I will be asleep. Also, there will be no nursing, or waking up, or nursing.

We celebrated today by having a pizza dinner with my parents (thank you). I made a chocolate bundt cake for Reillee. As we handed it to her with candle lighted, I thought to myself that it looked a lot more like a donut than a bundt cake. Turns out that when Luke and EmJ took the cake out of the pan they frosted it upside down. So, Reillee had upside down chocolate bundt cake...which is way better than regular cake, okay?! Also, today we had to take Benjamin to a cardiologist to see about the heart murmur that he was supposed to "grow out" of. (Hence, Luke taking on the party prep.) Everything is fine (whew!), and tonight Benjamin said in his prayer, "Thank thee that I don't have a hole in my heart." Love it. Stay tuned for the tale of EmJ's birthday festivities tomorrow!!


Jaime said...

Time flies! Happy Birthday to Reilee...maybe we'll get to meet that cutie some day!

Linds said...

I'm sad I'm missing all the birthday fun! Glad Gus is doing well though!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! happy birthday Reillee!!!