Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Growing Older

Emmeline on her 9th birthday. Look at her ears!!! Eek! She had a great time celebrating this year. Her birthday began with dates with grandmas (curse you, Build-a-Bear Workshop), suprise ear piercing (which included Reillee's first lollipop and subsequent sugar freak-out (truly unbelievable--I've never seen one of my kids have such a drastic and quick reaction to sugar), a combined birthday dinner with Reillee, and of course, a little celebration at school. She loved it!

Today I turn 29 years old...the age I will be for the rest of my life! Opening a gift from Emmeline...the best one said, "Free coupon for any other coupon of your choice. No expiration." Oh, the things I could do with that...
April Fools' Day. I had no idea that toilet papering the inside of the house was so trendy among the elementary school crowd...I was not the only mother to wake up to this "suprise"...but I wonder how many of the other mothers now have a laundry basket of unrolled toilet paper in their kids' bathrooms. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

For my birthday today, I asked for a weekend away. It has been my tradition to treat myself to an indulgent weekend when each of my kids' turned one (and that has generally been around my birthday), but this year I couldn't really go anywhere. So, today, Luke gave me a day off.

He grounded me and fled the house with the kids. He loaded me up with breakfast, junk food, and Field of Dreams before he left this morning. Then he returned briefly at lunchtime with pizza, more junk food, and Tangled. I managed to get him to stick around long enough to eat some pizza before leaving again. He and the kids should be home soon...but it's been a wonderful and relaxing birthday. (They just pulled in to the driveway, so I will succumb to both the children and the dishes that are calling my name.)

"Is this Heaven?"

"Nah, it's Iowa."

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The Huskinson's said...

I am going to remember to save toilet paper if my kids ever TP the inside of my house, which will most likely happen. I hope you had a great day off! I am jealous. But I am glad you got to enjoy it. Happy Birthday!