Thursday, May 26, 2011


"It is past later, so can we have a treat now?" (The Boss)
"If I see a tiger, I'm going to run home and get a knife in the kitchen and slice off his head!" (The Boss)
"Wait! Wait! Hold on! Be nice to my baby!" (The Boss, yelling at a kid at the park who got to close to Reillee, but probably just wanted to use the slide.)
"Most kids' parents make their lunches, so I think you should, too." (EmJ...followed by the sound of Luke and I laughing hysterically.)
"Who wants to listen to my piano and see how good I am?" (Willie, to all the neighborhood kids that were gathered in our backyard.)
"Found some stale cheerios in the diaper bag, so now I won't have to eat my arm." (Text from me to Luke while waiting....and waiting...and waiting....with Gus at the doctor a few weeks ago.)
"I want that thing that I want!"
"Get me the orange thing that is in the bucket with Emmeline's thing!"
"I just need it because I need it!"
"I need that thing that I love. Please, please!"
"Can we go to that park that I like because I like it?"
"I want to eat something that I like!" (Get the picture? These are all, of course, from the Boss herself.)
"Pray that we won't hit girls at the park and have a time out on the bench so we can learn to be nice." (The. Boss.)
"Hey, we're versing the Dodgers on Saturday and we're totally going to win!" (Willie)
"I could go running, and dancing, 'cause I'm Rapunzel!" (The Boss, singing, while prancing through the house carrying a frying pan.)


Anonymous said...

Tell Willie that anytime the Dodgers get beat, even in Little League, it is a good thing. Grandpa Jeff

Linds said...

Amelia carries around a frying pan too!

US said...

i read these quotes outloud to one of my friends. we were DYING! i miss you guys!

Jaime said...

I like your kids