Friday, June 03, 2011

Kangaroo Power

And we have another Little Roos graduate!! As soon as we got home from graduation, Benjamin said, "So, do I get to go to Kindergarten tomorrow?" It's going to be a long summer...
My sister was one of the teachers in preschool, which of course was fabulous for Benjamin.
And Miss Vicki. She is the amazing lady who has run the preschool all these years. I am so sad that the program is ending. She has touched countless lives over the years, both preschoolers and high school helpers alike, and we love her.


Taylor family said...

That's so neat to see Miss Vicki! I helped her run that preschool my Sr. year. That's what sparked my love for teaching and one of the reasons I became a Kindergarten teacher and now a preschool teacher:) I can't believe the program is ending. That's so sad.

Anonymous said...