Saturday, May 07, 2011

When the boys are away...

The girls will play!
We had makeovers (nice eyes, Sam!), we made a s'more-like brownie concoction, and we watched movies all night long. (Oh, and do you like Sam's haircut? Courtesy of Benjamin the Barber...more photos to come.)
The boys were on a father-son campout. Although it was ill-fated, I hope it was the first of many.
Ill-fated, you ask? Well, let me tell you.
First, Luke decided to bring the Amway tent. (*True story: We recieved an Amway catalog (two of them actually) as a wedding gift. "Pick anything you want!!" We picked a 3-man tent (and a bathroom scale). It's a piece of junk (so was the scale). We've never actually camped with it outside. When Luke got to the campsite, rainy and muddy beyond belief, he quickly realized that the tent was not going be of much use...(He also forgot to bring a tarp, and I don't think the crappy tent even has a rain fly.)
So, they decided to sleep in the car. An adventure the boys could handle.
Then, it was time for dinner. But it was raining. And all Luke brought was hot dogs to cook over the fire. Thank goodness there were others who were actually prepared for a campout there to bail him out. They enjoyed their hot dogs, carrot sticks, and water while they watched everyone else eat cheetos and drink root beer.
After dinner there were s'mores, and fun, and a zipline, and lots of getting excited about "car camping."
Once the sleeping bags were situated in the car there was lots of talking (Joshua) and complaining about being scared (Benjamin) and lots of talking (Joshua). Luke, at this point, is feeling pretty good about the quality of this father/son bonding time.
Now, we've been debating all day whether the decision to sleep in the car was a good one or not. Puke smelling car or puke smelling tent? There are pros and cons either way.
By 3 am, the boys were home; by 3:30, the puking had ended and the boys were asleep; by 5 am, the car was detailed and the offensive sleeping bags had been hung to air out.
When my alarm went off at 6 I was not a happy camper. (Pun intended.)
When Joshua woke up at 9, he ran in to tell me that "Benjamin threw up a whole hot dog all over dad's car and grandma's sleeping bag and we went on a zipline and it was awesome!"
Next time the boys are away, the girls are going to go to bed extra early just in case....or maybe we'll send the boys farther away.
The end.
*P.S. When Luke woke up this morning, he couldn't find his wallet. He asked Sam, still wearing her "make-up" where it was and she replied with a shrug, "It's in my purse, go get it." Duh.*


Donna said...

Mark heard Luke peel out in the wee hours of the morning. Now it is all explained.

Funny, and horrible!

And I totally sympathize!

Erin said...

These stories are so funny in the telling but probably not in the experiencing.