Monday, May 02, 2011

Willie is 7!!!

Willie's 7th birthday started with an afternoon of fun with two good friends. They played, and played, and played, and ate, and ate, and ate, and watched a movie. It was grand.
On Sunday morning, he opened presents.
Sooooo excited for his very own pocket knife!!
Later Sunday night we headed up to Anacortes for a couple of special celebrations. Willie was showered with sugar and gifts. (Interesting dad turned 52, 5+2 is 7. Cool. Okay, I'm wierd!)
He loved turning 7 (finally!), loved being spoiled all weekend, and is loving that I'm almost done with this post so he can go spend his birthday money! (He's buying a BB gun...and joining the NRA.)
Happy Birthday, Willie!

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Laura A said...

Wow!! Is Joshua that old? Sheesh, how time flies. Happy birthday Willie?