Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bath Time!!!

Look who is in the bathtub!
Not crying.
Nor screaming.
Not fighting to get out with an animal strength that you, reader, can not even comprehend.
Yep, she is in the bathtub SMILING!!
And playing.
And splashing.
From the time of her birth, Reillee would start shaking and/or crying every time she heard water running. A few months ago, she followed the kids up the stairs willingly until she heard the word, "Bath", at which point she slid back down the stairs in a reckless panic ( I actually thought she was falling).
Then a few weeks ago, she stuck her feet in my mom's kitchen sink and let the water run over them. MOMENTOUS.
Last Monday, we went to the beach and she sat on the edge of the water and splashed. AMAZING.
I used to run the bathwater with Reillee in my arms (we got it down to just a whimper), then have her sit on my lap and watch in agony while the other kids washed up, then I'd say, "Now it's Reillee's turn," followed by comforting words that got lost amidst the screaming...then the writhing...then the struggling to get OUT OF THE BATH TUB!!!!
I'm not signing her up for the swim team yet, but I may bathe her more than once a month from now on.

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