Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Stitches

Well, we survived our first ER emergency. Willie had an incident at the beach involving his flip flops, a slippery creek bottom, and some rather large driftwood. When he stood up dripping wet, crying, and gushing blood I went into super-efficient-nurse mode. (I am actually proud of myself for not panicking....because we all know I don't do well in "emergency" type situations.) We packed up our beach stuff as quickly as we could and ran (and dragged a screaming Boss) to the car. We knocked on the door of the neighborhood witch doctor, but he wasn't home so I dumped the kids off (literally) with another neighbor and headed out to get Willie's knee fixed. (And I didn't end up having to go to the ho$pital....our new (and closer to home) pediatrician was able to get us in immediately!) Some quotables from Willie yesterday...
"Oh, I can't go poop for two weeks 'cause I can't bend my knee!"
"Hey dad, did you hear I kind of broke my knee today?"
"So, you guys are all kind of like my servants now."
Stitch count: 4

And some cute pictures of Reillee. I love that when they start walking they all of a sudden seem so big!!
And documentation of free slurpee day --7/11--what a fabulous holiday!

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Linds said...

Glad you survived the stitches! Stitches was one of the worst doctor experiences I've had because of the stupid newbie on-call pediatrician! I love that dress too. Riley is so big!