Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Vacation and Baseball

This trampoline has a net around it. So, naturally, the only child to magically fall OFF the trampoline?
The accomodations.
The entertainment. When asked their favorite part of the campout, the kids replied, "Playing the Wii!" Sigh...
Sam didn't really think she needed to follow the rules of miniature golf. I think in this picture she is pushing her ball through a tunnel with her putter.
Reillee LOVED mini-golf as well!
How have I not blogged about this yet?! Oh, yeah, I've been playing outside...enjoying the all-too-fleeting summer with the kids.
Last week we went to a family reunion. It's hard calling it a reunion because we see everybody frequently....but reunion it is. It was Luke's family, all 40-some of us, including all 25 grandkids (age 13 and under). We went up to the family cabin (the "loveshack") for four beautiful days. Many of you who read this blog know my in-laws, so it goes without saying that on this trip there was never a dull moment!
Should be a separate post, but here are all two of the photos I took during summerball. Willie didn't get to play as much or as hard as he would have liked, stitches rendered his knee unbendable, but he enjoyed himself. Here he is batting...well, he's already hit the ball and is taking off for first base...and playing catcher.

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