Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lots o' Pictures

This is Amelia. I love her sense of style. I also love that she and her brother and dad and mom (and my brother and his girlfriend (big Sam)) could come to visit us last week. We had a great time--here are the photos, out of order as usual, try to follow along.
Lindsey took most of the pictures. (Thank you for letting me snag them as far as my tech abilities allow....I'm still working on the rest!) She's due in about 6 weeks with my newest niece. Woohoo!!
We went to a Mariner's game (Brian's first ever)! It was a fun date night for Luke and I, Brian and Lindsey, and a fun "just friends" night for Alivia and Kyle.
Then we went to Jetty Island. Poor weather, Willie's injury, and other scheduling snafus have caused us to cancel EVERY Jetty Island reservation I made this summer. Except for last week. Hallelujah, we finally made it there and it was a blast!
More Mariner's game...Reillee giving Luke kisses.
An action shot of "red light, green light". It's a good thing Grandma is always up for a game, cause I think Lindsey and I were about D-O-N-E at that point. (Frankly, I think Grandma was ready for a break, too, but she was a good sport!)
This is the pre-kiss picture!
This beautiful girl just landed a role in a MOVIE! Alright, she's an extra. And it's an LDS film. But still, COOL, huh?!
Big Sam used her artistic talents to sculpt Gus and EmJ into a merman and mermaid. Gus was ripped!
EmJ buried in the sand. And just so we're clear--that is not my backside!
Reillee actually had a lot more fun than this picture would indicate!
The fam. All grown up!
An impromptu family picture....that cute girl on the end is the angel that befriended and cared for our children last weekend. EmJ thinks she is grown up because she got to sleep in her own hotel room with Alivia and big Sam, Joshua has a crush on big Sam, and the Boss gathered her groupies around at the park yesterday and instructed them on how to "all hold hands and make a train and I get to be in the front just like big Sam did in Cananada." (Yes, the Boss has an entourage. I often find her in the middle of a group of children (usually strangers) giving orders or asking questions like, "I have friends. How many friends do you have?")
Really, the whole reason for the family reunion/vacation/etc was to go to Canada-eh and attend Cameron and Tiffany's beautiful wedding and reception. Love it!

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Alivia said...

I appreciate your "just friends" comment. you are so kind.