Thursday, October 27, 2011


Did you know that Luke is incredibly idealistic? Well, he is.

He was terribly upset when he found out that the Titans weren't really worth remembering, and when he learned that Mandy Moore is nothing like her character in A Walk to Remember.

Then last night his whole world came crashing down when we had the following conversation...starting with him telling me a Zig Ziglar anecdote.

Kirs: I wonder what his real name is.

Luke: It's Zig Ziglar.

Kirs: No, it's not. That's a stage name.

Luke: No way!

Kirs: Yes, parents don't usually give their kids their last name--Tommy Thompson, Eric Ericson--It just doesn't usually happen.

Luke: Chris Christie.

Kirs: You are overgeneralizing. Look it up.

Luke: (fumbles around on the iPad for a minute) "Zig Ziglar was given his nickname, Zig, in elementary school. He was born Hilary Hinton Ziglar...." I. Can't. Believe it!

Wow, what a blow.

I fear for the day that he finds out that there is no Tiny Tim (so let's just keep that between us for now, okay?)!

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Kali said...

he he. I love these posts. Your kids are so cute!