Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Be a Princess

The other day I asked Sam what she was going to be when she grows up.

A princess, of course.

So I asked her what she had to do to be a princess.

"Get lots of princess shoes and princess dresses and DO EVERYTHING THAT MY KING SAYS."

Hahahahahahahaha! Love that girl!

Joshua told me the other day that his hair is "long enough to be Justin Beaver hair."

Cue laughter again!

And speaking of hair, I was meant to be a red-head.

That's it!

1 comment:

The Huskinson's said...

I love the Justin Beaver comment! That is so cute. Addie has a princess thing right now. She likes to wear princess dresses and if I want her to do anything, I make sure she knows princesses do or wear it (princess brush, princess diaper...)