Monday, November 28, 2011

Beiber, Pet Shops, Basketball, Turkey Bowl

Happy Thanksgiving!! Here's a quick snippet of what we've been up to the past few weeks....
First, the annual Turkey Bowl. Luke's reenactment of the Turkey Bowl usually lasts longer than the game itself. He loved it, and he is still sore (because he's ooooolllldddd.)!
We also kept up the tradition (2 years running!) of having a gratitude wall this year. Everybody who came into our home was asked to write what they were thankful for and post it on our wall. Our personal, non-family, favorite--MONEY. Some favorites from the kids--beans and rice, bacon, ABCs, business, socks, Spotify, Justin Beiber, and "myself".
Carly came over a few weeks ago and prettied the entire family, including giving Willie the Bieber cut. Or at least the start of it, with instructions on how to style it and to let it continue to grow until he has the full Bieber. Willie has taken Carly's advice very seriously!
Reillee has developed the habit of "reading" the Wall Street Journal each morning while Luke fixes his breakfast. When his breakfast is ready, he steals the journal back and shares his breakfast with her. Quality bonding, it allows me to go on a (wet, soggy, freezing) run each morning.
She has also found that she loves "peshops". We frequently find her sitting by the "hot" painting herself into the corner by lining up the pet shops. She seriously sits there for hours talking to those little animals--"Go in'ere, puppy. Go nigh-night." Oh, and we amuse ourselves by crawling up near her little fort and trying to steal the pet shops. "NO! Mine pesshops! NO! Mine pesshops!" She's really good at saying no, mine, and go away. I think her evolutionary self-preservation skills are being refined.
EmJ started basketball this month. So from now until the end of the baseball season, we have at least three days/week of sports. I actually love this, except that basketball happens in a gymnasium with very little space for spectators, which makes it hard to bring the kids. (I am looking forward to baseball season, with it's rainy and cold, yet OUTDOOR practices. So much easier for subjecting the kids to their siblings' activities.) Practices are also during dinner time. Strike two. But EmJ is dang cute, so we'll stick with it!
The morning of her first game, we did a little photo shoot outside the house. She is loving this new adventure!!

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Jaime said...

I think your kids are so darling!