Monday, November 14, 2011

Wish List

My kids are wierd. Benjamin recently wrote his extremely non-specific Christmas "wish-list"....
"Ben Ten stuff and Batman stuff and Toys R Us stuff and Easter stuff and Christmas stuff and Pokemon cards and Valentine stuff."
Got it?
Sam, too, has been telling me what she wants for Christmas. At the top of her list? A flashlight. For real. She also wants 9 babies, a big balloon that can not pop, a big car like you drive at Toys R Us (powerwheels, I think), and big Rapunzel hair.
(She was kind of worried about the big Rapunzel hair because she didn't think Santa could do stuff like that, but I assured her that Santa is very good at following online tutorials.)
Emmeline, my saving grace, would like a bike. Whew! I have one normal kid....who brings plain mustard sandwiches to school....


Donna said...

Love it!
One year Sam asked for an old camera for his birthday. And I don't mean vintage.

Our Family Adventure's said...

It must be a 3yr old thing, because Rory wants santa to bring her a flashlight as well.