Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Day(s)!!

I challenged Luke to a polar dip on Sunday morning, but you all know that he is no fun. Especially on the Sabbath.

So we made missionary snowmen instead. (And joked with the neighbors that we should have built them on THEIR front lawn, then rang the doorbell and disappeared.)

(Cute little side note: One of our neighbors passed out hats, scarfs, coal, buttons, and carrots in a bucket that said "Just Add Snow" as her Christmas gift this year. It was soooo fun to walk the neighborhood yesterday and see all the matching snowmen, courtesy of her awesome, creative gift! If we ever move, I am totally going to copy her.)

Benjamin built his own snowman, and he was so proud. I must have a zillion pictures.

Reillee fought getting into her snowsuit (shocker!), but it was worth it to see her look like little Ralphie...or Ralphie's brother, what's his name...

Home church. The finished product. After this, we had a linger longer with friends in the neighborhood.

And with that, I'm ready for spring!
(Oh, and here is Reillee's reaction (reenacted) to seeing snow for the first time. Holy Cow!)

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US said...

the little brother's name is Randy!