Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes--Jan 2012

Sam: "When I say wrong things, my belly button goes all the way up to my heart."

Me: "How was school today, Gus?"
Gus: "Good. We learned a new song. But really it was just another way to count. We count apples, we count bunnies...."
(Secretly, I love that he has the makings of a precocious little cynic--fully recognizing that he's not actually learning anything new, just having the same info presented in a new way. I love how his mind works! He says similar things about school every day.)

Willie: "Dad, What's a liberal?"

Sam: "If I put out my middle finger, is that being like Satan?"

Gus: "I have magic powers that are a 1000 times a 1000 times a 1000...."
Sam: "Well, I have magic power that's more than that!"

Willie: "Yesterday on the way to school we saw a creepy guy just sitting at the park and smoking. Today we saw him AGAIN. Smoking AND drinking....probably Coca-Cola."

Me: "Sam, how was your first day of Sunbeams?"
Sam: "Great, but none of the Sunbeams felt much like singing today."

Reillee: (upon seeing her first snowfall) "Howwwy Tow! Howwwy Tow! Daddy, watch out! Howwwy Tow!"

Sam: (singing loudly during church)
"I am making a wish today.
I am making a wish today.
I am making a wish today.
That I can follow Jeeeeesus."
(sign her up for the gospel choir...she can write the songs)

January has come and gone. The highlight would have to be the "snowpocalypse" or "snowmageddden" or "snowpalooza" or whatever you want to call it, that resulted in a week off of school. I don't know why they enjoyed it so much, though, because mom school is much harder than regular school. We passed the week playing in the snow, sledding, watching movies, drinking lots of hot chocolate, prepping for the school science fair, practicing the piano, and complaining about the amount of chores and homework. Oh, and I deep cleaned the kitchen. Yuck!

Luke and I enjoyed our new Primary class (EmJ's class!). I especially loved being complimented by Luke on my last lesson..."I love how you organized that and pulled out some of those lessons that I wouldn't have even thought of!" Thanks, honey, but I just followed the manual. 'Tis the best kept secret.

Pregnancy continues on...I am not looking forward to the next three months. Good news, though, is that I'm still running. Slowly. Very slowly.

We are transitioning Reillee from a crib to the bottom bunk--and taking away her binky. It's been an interesting month....I have learned that my sleep (at night) and my sanity (at nap time) is worth more than the binky and have given in several times.

The Boss, however, had no problems with the transition, as it meant that she now sleeps on the top bunk!! She is so excited.

Benjamin has been counting down the days until his birthday!

Joshua has been smoking the rest of his class on his timed math tests (because he memorizes the answers in order the night before a test, but hey, do what you've got to do to win, right?!).

EmJ actually took a shot in her last basketball game! Hooray!! Also, she has a love/hate relationship with the new sleeping arrangements. She loves sharing the double bed (bottom bunk) with Reillee....but hates the fact that she now shares a room with TWO sisters!

And Luke has been working from home. As if we needed more excitement around here. We'll see how long it lasts. :)

There you have it! January in a nutshell! Join us in February for some long anticipated birthday celebrations...and hopefully lots of other good stuff!

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Rachel said...

your kids always say the funniest things! Can they come live with me for awhile so I can be endlessly entertained?