Thursday, February 02, 2012

Eventful Morning

I fell this morning while I was running. Really.

I suppose you can add this to my list of non-cool injuries...(like the time I broke my foot by walking off the side of spring floor at a gymnastics meet or the time I broke my tooth by tripping over a parking stud)...

Anyway, I was running through my neighborhood thoroughly absorbed in counting and then figuring out the percentage of people who leave for work before the sun is up (about 35%....I am proud of my super industrious neighborhood). I guess my brain was working too hard because the next thing I knew I was flying toward the ground.

Unfortunately, it was cold and I had my hands all wrapped up in my sleeves, so I had only clumsy fists, a shoulder, and my cheek to break my fall.

It was graceful, I tell ya!

Miraculously, my cheek is unscathed. Not that I'm vain enough to care. It actually would have been a good conversation piece...(like the time I checked into a hotel by myself all black and blue a week after I got my wisdom teeth out. I'm sure the concierge thought I was a battered wife)!

About two minutes after the fall, a vicious dog came running my way. Had it not been for that second shot of adrenaline, I would have just run home and crawled back into bed sobbing.

Happy Groundhog Day!!

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