Monday, April 30, 2012

Mouths of Babes--April 2012

The Boss: It's like I am smarter than everyone in this family!

The Boss: Am I in that picture?
Me: No, that's just EmJ, Willie, and Gus.
The Boss: So I was still in your tummy?
Me: No, you were not even in my tummy yet.
The Boss: So I was still up in heaven? Dead?

The chorus of a song that the Boss wrote: Go get some fresh air. You can't have mine!

Willie: Can we fly to Italy for spring break? I really want to see Pompei.

Luke: Where are you going on your field trip tomorrow?
Willie: The Seattle Art Museum
Luke: The SAM
Willie: No, the Seattle Art Museum
Luke: Yeah, S-A-M, Seattle Art Museum
Willie: No, Muuuuuuuseum. S-U-M

Luke:  What letter did you learn at preschool today?
Sam:  Y.
Luke:  Because I'm curious what letter you learned.
Sam:  Y!
Luke:  I'm just interested.  I just want to know.

Sam:  You're not in charge of me!
Me:  Um, yes.  I am.
Sam:  Well, not very mu-ch!

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