Monday, April 30, 2012

Epic Beyblade Battle

 For months, I have been excited for Joshus'a birthday party!  Earlier this year, I won a giveaway from Three M Parties, in which I got a free kids' party with all the trimmings.  

When Joshua requested an Epic Beyblade Battle, Tamara, our planer and host, said, "Well, that's new!"  I told her that she could just put up some balloons and call it good (because you all know that's EXACTLY what I would do), but she immediately shook her head and said, "Uh-uh, that's not how I do things."
 As you can see, she did not disappoint!  She pulled off the Epic Beyblade Battle, complete with that amazing painting (done by a friend), beautiful invitations, Happy Birthday banner, t-shirts for the boys to decorate to represent the Bey that they'd be battling, Beyblade bingo, a new Bey for each boy, and of course, the most epic of all the Epic Beyblade Battles.  She was also great with the boys...whom I would have sent outside because they were ca-razy...and seemed to thoroughly enjoy being with them.  Tamara did not let me work at all.  Luke and I got to sit and observe and enjoy the party, which was fabulous!  No stress.
The best thing, of course, was that Joshua loved it and had a great time with his best buddies.  

8 years old is a big birthday, and the party was a great start to what should be a fun-filled week...and memorable month!!

Thank you, Tamara!!

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