Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week One--Random Photos

 One week old...I should have grabbed a picture on the other side of the quilt.  My mom made it, and it's gorgeous.
 Reillee is so big now!
 Sucking her thumb...can you believe how her hair has darkened?  It's starting to fall out now and the peach fuzz appearing underneath is white-blonde like EmJ's hair.
 And I love her silver-hair cowlick stripe.  
 She LOVES the bath!
 Pardon my bruises...the nurses were practicing IVs on me.  Finally, after two weeks the bruises are starting to fade...all six of them.  (The epidural was great, and probably worth it...but at least when you go natural you get to avoid being a pincushion.  Sheesh.)
 A new outfit from Aunt Carly...the only new thing this little girl has.  However, we took newborn pictures (thanks, Aunt Angie!), which is a first for us.  Hopefully I will get them up here soon.
 And Reillee...making sure we don't forget about her in all the chaos.
Interesting choice in accessories.  She'd better not let Willie see her in his prized flat-hat!

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