Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mouths of Babes--June 2012

The Boss: Oh, Kaylyn! Your diaper kesploded!

 EmJ's note to me: I am having a bad day because everyone is being ANNOYING! That is not a reason for me to have an extra chore.

Joshua's friend:  *pats Reillee on the head*  Hi, Buddy!
Reillee:  *angry eyes*  I not a boy.  I a GIRL!!!

EmJ:  Can Rachel come with us to the beach tomorrow?
Me:  No, we don't have room in the car for any extra kids.  Sorry.
Joshua:  Why can't dad just walk to work and then I can drive his car?
Me:  *blink blink*

Some photos of the kids and cousins (Coleson, Amelia, Annabelle)...As usualy we packed a lot of fun into a short trip and can't wait to see Lindsey and Co. again!!

 Coleson and Gus on the train.
 Sam and Amelia, playing house.
 "Jump" it Up!  Those boys were so proud of their manly ability to sweat.
 Kaylyn was coddled the whole trip, too.  She did a lot of sleeping in Alivia's arms.
 Bachelorette pary...sushi...and below, proof that I actually ate some.  (Fishless and deep-fried, but sushi nonetheless.)

 Self-portrait on the train.
 Out to dinner with all the kids!
Buggy and Kaylyn holding hands.
 Reillee, terrified.  EmJ, tall.
 Gus and Coleson on the train.  (Sorry, I don't know why some of these pictures are caddywhompus...pretend they are awesome.)
 EmJ and Annabelle :)
 Amelia and Sam, getting plenty from that tippity-top of the food pyramid.
 FHE with the Fromm's!
 Sam and Amelia!
 A few weeks ago, Sam got to go on a princess date for Cameron's birthday.  They got their hair and nails done, went to lunch, a movie, and shopping!!  Sam has been talking about this day non-stop...and wearing her new Ariel nightgown nearly every day.  I love that she had so much fun, and I couldn't hope for a better friend!!

BFFs!!  We'll save this picture for their high school graduation slide show.
And the quotable quote winner for June:

Willie:  Mo-om!  I told you to make, like, an awesome fort.  This one is horrible.

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