Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kaylyn's Blessing, etc

 Happy Fathers' Day, Luke!!  On Fathers' Day this year, we were able to gather as family as bless little Kaylyn Del.  I need to put her back in her dress and try to take a decent photograph, but for now, here are some of her and Luke--taken on her blessing day.

 Then last week we celebrated the last day of school!!  Finally!!  Gus graduated from Kindergarten!
 The last day of school brought us a downpour.  EmJ and Willie chose to walk home with their friends anyway...I wish I had thought to snap some pictures of their hoarde ('cause you know I stalk my kids) as they sprinted home in the rain (some of them carrying terrariums).  That, my friends, is the stuff of which fabulous memories are made.  I told the kids to write about that fun day in their journals...and I'm sure they didn' it's a good thing I keep this blog.
With summer comes (hopefully) a bountiful harvest!!  We've already stocked our freezer with jam and the strawberries are still coming.  And tonight, we had a lovely spinach salad for dinner.

Happy Summer!!

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