Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Trip to Utah

I got to go to Utah at the beginning of June to attend Brook's wedding.  The highlight was seeing Brook's daughter, Kiffyn, enter the sealing room and be sealed to Brook and Matt for time and all eternity.  What an amazing experience that was, and I am so glad I got to be there to witness it!

The second best part was Brook's dress...and seeing family, meeting Matt, meeting Annabelle (finally!) for the first time, introducing everybody to Kaylyn, eating sushi for the first time (it was a deep-fried california roll), laughing with the girls, running into an old friend and reminiscing about gorilla costumes, biffies, and girls' camp, and road tripping with Lin back up to sunny (not) Seattle.
Kaylyn and Annabelle bonding!  With Grandma and Aunt Traci
I was about to call these gals my nieces, but I guess they are second cousins...whatever, they are adorable flower girls!  Kiffyn, Matti, and Chloe

Wow, not a single picture in this post came out ginormous, or upside down...sorry, I will try to mess up the next post...

Ooh, or better yet, I'll post the video of Willie's track "invitational".  The one where he came in third out of all the second grade boys in the district (at least the ones whose mothers had nothing better to do on a Friday than make their kids run in a track meet), and yet all you can hear in the video is me yelling, "Come on Willie, you can run FASTER!  Beat that kid.  Beat him!  BEAT HIM!!"  I am such a supportive mom.

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