Friday, June 15, 2012


 Well, we made it through another season!  Despite the crazy busy-ness of keeping track of two teams, I actually wish we were playing summerball.  I love being out at the ballpark.  "This is my sanctuary." (Name that movie.  Hint:  The quote is actually referring to the football field.)
 Willie is not actually paying attention to the game in this photo...he's looking at an eagle.  We all were, it was an incredible sight.
 In the dugout, waiting for the first pitch.
 Benjamin's team...waiting to get their trophies!!  Benjamin was so very excited to add a trophy to our Pointless Awards collection.  Now, if the trophy was for "quality day dreaming in right field" or "running the bases with your tshirt pulled up over your head" or "building sand castles at shortstop" or "starting your slide 20 feet from home plate" or "wetting your pants" or "ripping the baseball out of some other kids' hand and saying 'ha ha ha ha' before throwing it to first even though the runner is already at third" then it wouldn't be so pointless.  Seriously, tball is the greatest cheap entertainment ever!
 2-4-6-8-Who do we appreciate?!
 This is what you get when you ask 8-10 year old boys to smile for a group photo...
Now that baseball is over, Willie will spend a lot of time doing the chores that Luke and I don't feel like doing.  Ah, that is why I have children!

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The Huskinson's said...

Love the last picture! I just laughed through the entire post.