Sunday, July 08, 2012

4th of July

Every summer, I subject my kids to the torture that is "Mom School" (not to be confused with the "Mom Bank" in which your money is absolutely not FDIC insured and hasn't actually been available for withdrawal in at least three years, but it's fun to look at the ledger).  Anyway, they have to learn things, do work, stare out the window while their friends play, and write, write, write!!

On Wednesday, their 4th of July journal prompt was as follows:

I love America because....

Benjamin:  I love America because it is awesome and it is good and it has wagons.  We are lighting fireworks.

Joshua:  I love America because it's a great country and it has awesome things like great schools and awesome restrauants like McDonalds and TacoBell.  They're awesome!  Today the 4th of July we are celebrating Independence Day.  We want to be free so we can do what we want to and be free.

Emmeline:  I love America because America is awesome.  I love that I am free and that we don't have a king.  I give my thanks to the patriots for fighting for freedom and rights.  My favorite act that they did was the Boston Tea Party.  I thought it was a good way to show unfair taxes.  But it was a waste of tea.
 This is what Reillee thought of the 4th of July.  Notice that it is still light out...the main show hadn't even started yet.  She literally sat on the couch from 11am until 11pm, cowering, hands over her face, asking when the "fire" would be over.  It was actually really cute.
In our neighborhood, the firework celebration begins as soon as the sun comes up, and goes until the last firework has been lit.  Luke and I have a tradition of never watching the same firework show twice...but this year we broke with tradition, in favor of staying home, putting Kaylyn in bed early, and enjoying quality time in our FABULOUS (I can't even tell you how much I love it!) neighborhood.  It sounded like a war zone outside, the kids ran amok, thankfully nobody got hit with a firework, and it was wonderful.  One of the neighbors commented, "For better or worse, this right here is why the annexation keeps getting shot down."
Chant with me:  No Annexation!  No HOA!  No Annexation!  No HOA!
(Some of you reading this blog are now horrified.  I realize this.  Guess what else?  I asked Benjamin to draw a picture that represented the Bill of Rights (Yay!  Mom School!) and he drew someone shooting a gun at birds.  Hahaha!  It's alright, you can be horrified and vote for Obama while I continue to chant...)
And a quick shift in subject...
Here is Kaylyn Del, now 2 months old, in her blessing dress.  She's adorable, no?  And do you love the quilt?  I do!  My mom was kind enough to make it for me (I mean, Kaylyn)!

(EmJ was the author of that last sentence...she's an up and coming blogger.)
(Oh, and Willie wants to be a policeman when he grows up.  Right after he spends some time being a farmer. Just thought I'd share that little tidbit.)

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