Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes -- July 2012

Me:  Are you going to play soccer with Sam?
Gus:  No, I'm just practicing my moves.

Reillee:  My leg hurts.  I needa get a hug on it.

Me:  Breakfast is ready, Sam!
Reille:  Come on, girl!

Grandon (my cousin with a motorcycle):  'Sup, girl?
Reillee (pointing; angry eyes):  I don't wike you motorcycle.

Willie:  I smell Ramen.
Gus:  I smell Ramen.
Sam:  I smell Ramen, too.
EmJ:  I smell Heaven!

Reillee:  I soooo pretty!
Me:  You're so pretty?
Reillee:  Oh...I soooo poopy!

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