Saturday, August 04, 2012

Pets--A Short History

First, there was the hobo spider.  I have no idea if it was actually a hobo spider, but Luke caught it in a jar and used it to scare our landlady into letting us out of our lease because of a spider infestation.  True story.

Next, there was Max.  We had the pleasure of keeping him on Christmas Eve, the night before he was given to my mom.  He wriggled out of his leash and pooped all over my house.  True story.

Then there was the lizard that I beheaded by shutting it in our front door.  There are early-blog pictures of this momentous occasion.  True story.

Then there was Thero Mance.  A beta fish so named after a phrase in a preview for the DVD Cinderella..."The magic.  The mystery.  The roMANCE."  That last phrase was said as they showed a picture of Cinderella dancing with the prince, so she thought his name was Thero Mance.  (What, you missed this five years ago?  Don't you follow the blog religiously?)  Anyway, we had the beta for a good two weeks before it jumped out of it's bowl and down the garbage disposal.  True story.

Next, there were an assortment of spiders, potato bugs, and lady bugs.  One of which, EmJ dissected and saved in a plastic baggie for heaven knows how long.  A few of them have had names, like Spookley the spider.  He lived outside our kitchen window for months.  True story.

Finally, we got serious about our pets.  Benjamin bought a goldfish with his birthday money.  We named it Dinner.  Two weeks later it was removed from the bowl by Sam and left to die a slow and painful death.  Poor, poor Dinner.

We replaced Dinner with Breakfast.  Breakfast is happy and healthy and four whole months old.  His story has yet to be told.

And a  few weeks ago, we decided to add another to the mix.  A rabbit.  Affectionately named Brunch.  Luke came across a nest of bunnies one day, and as he approached, they scattered.  Except poor Brunch, who scattered in the direction of Luke's boot.  So, we tell people that he caught a wild rabbit.  But really, he stepped on a poor, helpless baby rabbit, then put it in a bucket and brought it home.  "You know the squirrel?  First I knocked it out of the tree with a rock.  Then I saved it."

Welcome to the nuthouse, Brunch, you poor rabbit!


Lilianne said...

I love the "while you were sleeping" reference! this is hilarious. I also loved the story about the hobo spider. way to use nature for legal issues! you're so funny. can i be more like you, please?!?? I love nuthouses. :)

Rutter said...

Is the rabbit still alive? We've tried to save a few that our cat brought home, but never succeeded.