Friday, August 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes--August 2012

Dude, this was scheduled to post but it didn' wonder my mom grounded me for not updating the blog!

Sam:  What are we having for breakfast?
Me:  Eggs.  You guys need some protein.
Reillee:  I don't wike protein...and I don't wike broccoli cheese soup!

Reillee:  I killing the bunny.
Me:  Really, that's not very nice.
Reillee:  No, it's not funny.

(on another day)
(wielding a broom)
Reillee:  Go away, Mom!  I killing the bunny!

Sam:  Oh, Mom!  I could feel my hot dog when I just burped!

Sam:  I can use my pink backpack for when we go to Utah.  And then I can use the yellow backpack for going to Grandma's house.  And the-en I will use the Transformers backpack for when I start preschool.  That is my deal.

(from the bathroom)
Willie:  Guess...
Me:  No!
Willie:  Guess how...
Me:  No!
Willie:  Guess how green...
Me:  Nooooo!!!

(you can't hear Reillee's tone here, but we crack up as she turns the emotion on and off like a switch)
Luke:  *reads something about Jesus from the scriptures*
Reillee somberly:  And He died again and....Oh, hi cute bunneeeee!
Me:  Squirrel!

(while funny, how is it possible that in MY HOME, the capitol of hard-working, greedy, 1% capitalist mentality, my four year old could express this sentiment?)
Me:  Sam, did you finish the whole page?
Sam:  Yep!  And I circled all the right answers.  So, now can I have a trophy?

Reillee:  My tummy hurts.
Sam:  If your tummy hurts, then you are either very hungry or you are going to throw up.
Reillee:  I need ice on it.
Sam:  No, you don't!
Reillee:  Yes, I am!!
 We have the laziest bunny I have ever seen...look how he's all stretched out...
 Kaylyn still has her lovely faux-hawk.  Sam and Reillee just wanted me to take pictures of them.  They continue to love on their little sister.

 This month our backyard became the staging area for a massive neighborhood project.  Our new fence looks great!
 The family reunion deserves its own post, at some point, but for now I'll just include this one and only picture that I took.  I literally could not fit the camera in the car.  You'll see that EmJ's legs are all up in her face, as were each of the kids'.  You can't see it, but Kaylyn's carseat has three pillows stacked precariously on the sun shade.  I had two bags and a pair of flippers (what?  I know.) on my lap and two more bags at my feet.  You can imagine my irritation when I got to the cabin and found out that one of Luke's THREE bags was full of all seven seasons of MacGyver on DVD.
 How many pictures of Kaylyn sucking her thumb will I take?!

 We did some rearranging this month and found this behind a bookshelf.  A pencil stuck to the wall, as if by magic.
Kaylyn mastered the art of rolling back to front shortly before her three month birthday.  Though she can now roll both ways, she prefers to spend most of her time on her belly.  So wierd, right?  Wierd for my kids.  She is starting to scoot around...mostly toward people....she could care less about trying to grab toys.

This month has, again, been full, full, full.  I've been trying to pack in as much as possible before we lose the sun, but it is leaving me absolutely exhausted.  So much so, that I'm really excited for school to begin in a few days.  (I mean, with the kids around all the time, it's really hard to take all their extra junk to the thrift store!)   I should finally be able to do all those things I've been neglecting this month--the poor garden, the sorry garage, Kaylyn's 3 month pictures (even though she's now 4 months), my appearance (yikes!), the moldy leftovers in the fridge, and all the reading that I HAVEN'T done this summer (any suggestions?).

Happy back to school!

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Have you read "These is my words" yet? If not, read it first. And then read "The Continuous Atonement".