Monday, September 24, 2012

Battles Won

Sam is LOVING preschool.  Loving it!  She woke up the other day singing about it being "red day" at school.  Luke, of course, asked,

"Is it communist red?  Or patriot red?"

To which Sam looked puzzled and then said,

"Well, we do the 'Pledge va Lageance' every single day."

So, he had his answer...and we sent a little thanks heavenward.  Sam's answer, though, led to a discussion about whether or not, and how often, the older kids say the Pledge.  We were disappointed to hear that EmJ and Willie's teachers never say it.  So we asked our children to ask their teachers each day to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

This was met with lots of, "We don't do that in this classroom," and "We really just don't have time for that in here."  I was ready to call Drudge and get our poor patriot-deprived kids in the headlines.

Super irritating.  But EmJ decided to continue her battle.

She drafted a letter to her teacher, to be signed by each of her classmates, asking that they say the Pledge every day.

At Curriculum Night, I informed the teacher of EmJ's plan and then told her that I would let EmJ fight this battle as hard and long as she wanted because a) it's important and b) I was so happy that she is standing up for something that she believes in.

EmJ continued to ask, while working up the courage to actually move forward with the petition.

Her persistence paid off, as her teacher relented.  She said that if EmJ ever noticed any free time during the day, she could lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance.

EmJ said that as she led the class that day, she couldn't even say the Pledge because she started crying.

So did I.  I am so proud of her!


Rachel said...

Go EmJ! Good for her. It makes me so mad when teachers don't think it is important enough to find time for. Seriously? It takes two minutes. My students said it every morning!

The Huskinson's said...

That is so awesome. I can't believe teachers wouldn't want to say it. That bugs me.

tracie said...

I'm so proud of her too!!!! Way to go and take a stand.

Amy Kerby said...

Love this post! So sweet of your children and so meaningful! We say it everyday at school, and sing patriotic songs too. Love you and your kiddos!

Erin said...

That is awesome! I don't think I would have been so brave at her age. Way to go EmJ!