Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School

 It's back to school time!!  Here are the photos from our back-to-school fashion show and then from the bus stop last Tuesday morning.  The kids are in 5th (EmJ), 3rd (Willie), and 1st (Gus) this year and are so far LOVING their teachers and classmates.  
Gus:  Tomorrow I'm going to play with my best, best friend Peyton.  He said he wouldn't be my friend any more unless I played with him today at recess, but even if I don't play with him, he'll probably forget he said that, but I'll play with him anyway because he's my best, best friend.

EmJ:  Don't worry, I won't get my shoes dirty because it's fall and during the fall and winter I like to stay in during recess and read.

 The Boss starts preschool TODAY!!  All summer long I've been barraged with, "How many more days until I start my school?" then "How many more Sundays...?" then "How many more hours...?" and finally this morning "Why didn't I just skip preschool and start kindergarten because I am so smart?"

That girl.

She is the show and tell/snack girl on this the first day of school.  She chose to bring her rapunzel hair and dress, but my guess is that she'll tell everybody how smart she is.  Well, that or a recap of Saturday morning chores with grumpy dad...that always gets a laugh.

As I was uploading and typing just now, Reillee wandered into the room and without preamble whined, "Mom, I really need some chocolate."

Right there with ya, sister.  Let's just get the Boss off to school first.

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Jaime said...

Your kids are so so so big! And adorable! Happy first day of school!