Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mouths of Babes -- September 2012

EmJ:  This soup is really good.  All the soup you make is good.  Except that one that tasted like water.
Willie:  Yeah, that was bad.

The Boss:  How many more days until preschool?
Me:  Six.
The Boss:  Dad, there are only four more days until preschool.  Oh, actually three.  No!  Two!
Luke:  Really, only two days?
The Boss:  Yep!
(The next day when she asked and I told her there were five days left, she got all mad at me saying there was "only one day left because yesterday I said it was two days!"  Wow, just wow.)

The Boss:  Mom.  I think.  I must.  Be MAGIC!

Luke:  *reading her the story of Noah and the ark*  ...and all the wicked people died in the flood.
The Boss:  Well, if they could swim, they wouldn't drown.
Luke:  No, they all drowned anyway.
The Boss:  What?  Did Jesus take away their muscles?

Reillee (stalling at bedtime):  But I am poopy again!
Me:  Let me check.
Reillee:  Oh, I am feeling better.  It is all gone.  I can go to bed now.

Reillee:  This is the story of how I died...
(Yes, she can do the entire movie, start to finish.  But only because Mulan mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago.)

Gus:  Mom, who is older?  Dad or Michael's dad?
Me:  Dad is older.
Gus:  Oh, so dad is smarter than Michael's dad.

The Boss (swinging on the swings at the elementary school):  Mom!  I look like I am a kindergarten girl!!

This month brought back-to-school, which I loved.  I was hoping for a slow-down, but life continues to be crazy and hectic and I really need a shower.

In fun news, Willie started cross country this month.  It is almost as fun to watch him run (he is doing very well) as it is to watch him jump around in the third grade mosh-pit, cheering for his school.  Almost.

We also celebrated Luke's 36th birthday this month.  The kids bought him a lie-detector.  No joke.  He's always telling them that he's going to pull out the lie-detector, so they broke down and got him one so that he can make good on his threats!

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The Piepers said...

I have not been in blogging mode lately, but man, I missed this blog. I love the stories of your kids! And way to get the pledge in, EmJ!!!!