Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nature vs. Nurture

The Boss...

Combat boots
Hippie skirt
Striped socks
Different color than the socks striped shirt
Hair done all by herself all curled around her face
Riding a boy's bike, as fast as she can, sometimes without hands, sometimes without feet, always with a smile and a song
Black skull helmet worn backwards


Princess slippers
Pink socks
Pink skirt
Blue shirt w/pink writing and lots of "diamonds!"
Princess dress over the pink outfit
Hair done neatly in a braid with a pink rubber band
Riding a trike, as slow as she can, sometimes stopping to look around, very serious expression and lots of questions
Pink helmet

When it is time to go inside, Reillee throws her head down on her handlebars and wails like she is going to die.  The Boss sees opportunity in my distraction and rides up and down the block seven more times, grinning as if she just won the lottery.

I think I wrote a post very much like this about the boys some years ago...

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