Monday, December 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes -- December 2012

Reillee singing:  Feliz Alivia...Feliz Alivia
Me:  Let's try again, it's "Feliz Navidad"
Reillee:  *hands on hips*  No, Mo-om!  It's Alivia!
Sam:  *runs in singing*  Feliz Doggie-dog...Feliz Doggie-dog!...

I walked into the kitchen and noticed that HALF THE PAN of freshly baked brownies was gone.  I looked over to Reillee and said, "Did you eat some brownies?"  She responds, "Yes, I ate lots a them.  But Sam's gonna be in big, BIG trouble."

EmJ has started her basketball season.  Her team is actually pretty good this year, with a coach that is phenomenal.  One game in particular was exciting.  We went into double overtime...all because of EmJ.  And not in a good way.  We were up 22-20 with about 30 seconds to go.  A big rebounding pile-up resulted in a slowly rolling loose ball headed straight for EmJ...safely keeping her distance from the drama.  What did EmJ do with this primo opportunity to chase down the ball?  Hold on to it?  Run down the clock?  Oh no.  I think she is still, at this very moment standing at center court daydreaming.  Still blissfully unaware that her action...or inaction...caused the other team to be able to take possession, score, and ultimately win in a double OT.  Like I said, exciting.

Reillee's new favorite phrases are "It's not fair!" and "It's he's fault!"  Wow.

Willie:  Hey, is your attendix on the left or the right?
Me:  It must be on the left because your aPPendix is on the right.
Willie:  Gus!  Kendra got her attendix out and is in the hospital.  It's right here *points to belly* on the left side.

Have you guys read the series "The Mysterious Benedict Society"?  Well, we have decided to call Reillee by the psuedonym "Constance Contraire."  An example...

Me:  Oh, you look beautiful!
Reillee:  No, I NOT!
Me:  Sorry, you don't look beautiful at all...
Reillee:  Yes, I DO!

And then there are the potty training conversations...

Reillee:  I need my diaper changed, but don't say, "Ugh!" and make you face like this *wrinkles nose* to change my diaper!

or, combining the potty-training with being contrary...

Reillee:  Mom, are I potty trained?
Me:  Yep!
Reillee:  No, I not.  I'm not big yet!
Me:  Yes, you are getting so big and doing a good job going on the potty.
Reillee:  No, I NOT!!

and all of these conversations are ended with the familiar refrain...

Reillee:  It's not funny, Mom!

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