Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eight Months

Kaylyn Del -- 8 months

A Christmas post is long overdue...but will have to wait a while longer.
In the meantime, I thought I'd show a little blog love to the little miss.  Plus, she just turned 8 months old and I figured that it was time for an updated picture.
At eight months she has discovered the joy of solid food and is finally starting to round out.
She has been crawling for a good while and also pulls herself up on anything and everything.  Unfortunately, her brains have not caught up with her physical abilities and she has the constant red, purples, and faded greenish yellows to prove it!
Speaking of bruises....she can also climb the stairs.  Thankfully, she sneaky-laughs as she crawls towards and then up the stairs, so I usually know right when to come running.
She is finding her voice....babbling at everything and mimicking sing-song phrases and animal sounds.
She is happy, happy, happy.
She doesn't sleep.  This is her only defect.
She is loved, over-loved, by each of her siblings....but handles it gracefully!

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Angela said...

She is beautiful! I hope she starts sleeping for you soon.