Saturday, February 02, 2013

January Recap

 Okay, so for a quick January 2013 recap....

#1.  Kaylyn continued to grow, if not in size, then at least in ability.  Have I already mentioned her adorable sinister laugh as she tries to climb the stairs faster than we can run and grab her?  She's cruising the furniture, too, and eating everything in sight.  Her 9 month stats are 28 inches and 17 pounds.  Pipsqueak.

 This month brought us our first Pinewood Derby!!  Joshua loved making his car and racing it.  His enthusiasm quickly waned, though, as it became apparent that his car was, erm, awful.  If we could have seen the stats, I think we would see that he was third to last.
 No worries, though, as we are well aware, political correctness is seeping in to even the Boy Scouts...therefore, Joshua DID, in fact, receive a trophy.  Oy.
 We also celebrated Benjamin's 7th!! Birthday.  In the words of Sam, "You look bigger today, Benjamin!"  His birthday was actually February 1st, but I plan to have an exciting February, so I'll include it in the January recap. :)
 He enjoyed a breakfast date with Luke, treats in his school classroom, and a dinner date with me.  He used his birthday money to buy....wait for it...a Spiderman suitcase!!!  That boy is so random and wierd.  So wierd.  But, he is estastic about his suitcase.  (Thanks Turtle Grandma!)  Finally, we had presents and cake and ice cream with the grandparents and Aunt Alivia.
 A few other January tidbits...
*a kidney stone.  No, I don't want to talk about it.
*the stomach flu
*death of Brunch (New Year's Eve)
*Wow, we reall had a doozy of a month, huh?!
*How about some fun stuff?
*A spectacular New Year's Eve, complete with the Kinect, lots of sparkling cider, four baby puppies, and too many glow sticks
*A Glow-in-the-Dark birthday party (best idea ever!)
*Lots of EmJ's basketball games, watching her improve a little bit each week

That's it!  And to again quote the Boss, "Only 21 days until my birthday!!!"
Trust me, the February recap will be stellar!

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