Thursday, January 31, 2013


Reillee:  Mom, why are you wearing a skirt?  Why are you trying to be pretty?

Willie:  Quit crying, Kayde....and go get a job!

A text from Kirstin to Luke:  I just locked myself in the garage...Sam is at school, Reillee was on the toilet.  Thankfully, her brain picked a good moment to function and she waddled to rescue me with her undies around her ankles.

(This makes me laugh every time I think about it!  I'm sure the neighbors could hear me yelling..."Reille, come open the door for mommy!...No, it's okay....Yes, I will bring the toilet paper in when you come open the door...No, it's locked, come and open it for me before Kayde crawls up the stairs....You can do it, just jump off the potty....I'll fix your pants when you open the door....Hurry, it's cold out here...Yay!  Thank you!"  The conversation makes me laugh, the fact that our garage door is busted makes me laugh, Luke's moving the key to a secret location so the kids would stop playing with it did not make me laugh...)

Me:  Sam, was that a nice thing to do to your sister?
Sam:  No.
Me:  What do you need to say to her?
Sam:  I'm sorry I'm a poopyhead.

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