Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Emmeline to Joshua:  Plus, if mom had to give away one of us, it would probably be YOU!

Joshua:  Can I buy a jump rope?
Me:  Do you have any money?
Joshua:  I have three dollars.
Me:  Where did you get three dollars?
Joshua:  Adam owed it to me because I gave him something.
Me:  What did you give him that was worth three dollars?
Joshua:  Ugh, you won't understand for years!

Reillee to EmJ:  Howy cow!  You look beautiful!

Reillee:  When I get my mommy head then I can wear this make-up like you.  When I buy my mommy head.

Luke:  That was a pointless meeting, BUT I took notes of all the stupid questions that people asked.

Luke:  Reillee, just be happy, okay?
Reillee:  But I don't want to be happy!

Luke:  Which one of you should get all my money when I die?
Sam:  Not it!

Benjamin:  Hmmm, that looks interesting....
(Okay, the words aren't that funny, but the fact that he sounds like a professor when he speaks is downright hilarious.)

And my personal favorite...
In Primary, the person doing Sharing Time was teaching about the difference between commandments and rules.  He asks the children to tell him some examples of rules that they have in their houses.  EmJ raises her hand and says,


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