Tuesday, March 05, 2013

February Recap

Ah, February...
First, we have a video of Miss Kaylyn.  I can't remember why I uploaded this video in the first place....I think it was because she has developed a habit of huffing at us when she doesn't want something, when she is agitated, or when she is done (with whatever...food, game, being held, being ignored, etc).  Of course, now that everybody has noticed the huffing, it has become a game and the kids imitate her and she imitates back.

The next February news is that EmJ's team, The Eagles, won the NYBA Championship!!  For the first time, I actually felt justified and proud paying for and watching her and her teammates each accept a trophy.  They did a great job, and EmJ improved a lot over the year.  She won't be picked first or even second or third or fourth for anyone's team, but she had fun. :)

What she lacks in athleticism, she makes up for in craftiness.  I love it when EmJ disappears up to her room and returns wearing something that she has just created (she got a sewing machine for Christmas).  In fact, I believe she has started a blog with the intent to make and sell her creations.  I love capitalism!  Throw pillows, anyone?

But the best thing that happened in February was that Luke and I went to New York!!  We left Alivia in charge of the craziness and headed off for a week of peace in Palisades.  She did a great job managing the chaos...as shown by her whiteboard skilz...

(Luke is saying, "I told you so!" right now because I threw kind of a major tantrum when he removed my "Last Pitch at Yankee Stadium" picture in order to mount a whiteboard in our dining area.  I hate it, but that ugly whiteboard is soooo effective.)

(I hung the Yankee picture in the bathroom so Luke has no choice but to stare at it a couple times a day.  Revenge.)

Okay, so New York in no particular order.  

We got snowed in and our flight coming home was cancelled.  Boo hoo!  We just had to spend an extra night and get upgraded to first-class.  Here is Luke enjoying his dinner and a movie in the comforts of first class.

And me, throwing a snowball at Luke.  Our gorgeous accomodations in the background.

The blizzard did not stop us from going to out....mmmmm, fresh bagels and heroes and pizza by the slice....I am salivating right now.  Why are sub sandwiches so much more tasty when they are called "heroes"...seriously?!

I spent a good chunk of my time with Juliet.  My oldest friend, when I see her it's like no time has passed at all.  I also got to meet her new husband, finally, and visit with her mom, who hasn't changed a bit!
Here we are just outside Yankee Stadium, of course!

I found my dream house.  They may not have appreciated me pulling into their driveway to take a picture.  I only wish I had driven by in the daylight...

Kaylyn with her new boyfriend, Vincent.  (Juliet's little guy)  This is the only picture I could get of both of them looking at the camera.  Most of the time, Kayde was either sitting on him or crawling over him or gouging his eyes out, so excited for someone to play with, while he sat there staring at her like she was an alien.

Yankee Stadium!

New York Pizza!  Do you see it oozing off the slice?  Yum!  At this particular ma and pop shop, we watched "Swamp People" with the owner while he ate his own dinner, chatted with us, and ignored whatever work he should have been doing.  The same thing happened at another hole-in-the-wall (only at that one I was eating a delicous meatball hero and watching blizzard coverage).  I love the east coast!

When we weren't eating, we were either exercising or lounging around in our room.  Kaylyn loved the mirror, but missed the noise and action of being home with her siblings.  She also had, I think, an ear infection.  Poor kid, I'm glad she'll have no memories of the trip.

It's interesting to note the differences in our kids, even from this young age.  I remember taking Benjamin to San Diego when he was about Kaylyn's age.  He positively RELISHED the quiet and the time with Luke and I all to himself.  Kayde was the complete opposite.  It was like I could hear in her cry, "WHERE IS EVERYBODY??!!"

I think that's it!  We also celebrated Sam's birthday this month, complete with her first real birthday party.  She loved it, and I'll post the pictures here soon.  And now that February is over we are looking forward to Spring!  I have onion shoots (which has the same happifying effect for me as crocuses, daffodils, and tulips for normal people), and spring training has begun, and this whole kidney stone thing is finally over (lithotripsy...look it up), and I even saw the sun yesterday!!  Spring!!

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