Sunday, April 07, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

 Well, who wouldn't want to open up a blog to a photo of someone dissecting an owl pellet?  It's a natural lead off for my Massive March Mayhem catch-up post.  I had a good long General Conference induced nap this afternoon, so I am wide awake and ready to tell you all about our March.
 March began with EmJ and Luke heading off to Outdoor Ed where they did super-fun things like dissecting owl pellet, rock climbing, and rushing the skit-stage and getting in trouble.  You can guess which things EmJ did and which were Luke's...I'm not sure he'll be asked to go on any field trips any time soon...
 Willie had his school music concert at which he mixed just the right amount of "I'm the best singer and dance up here" with a splash of "I'm way too cool for the third grade music concert" to achieve expert coolness.  See his hands in his pockets?  Love it.
 Then Benjamin learned how to ride his bike!  We had to reenact the video a couple of times, though...(and I just realized he did not don the helmet for the video, but I swear he was wearing it while he practiced)!
 Then it was Reillee's birthday!!  Her pictures are trapped on my terrible, awful, no-good, horrible, very bad camera.  I'll put them up soon.  She had a magical day dressing-up, going on a date, opening gifts (PRINCESS!!!!), and then taking the family swimming.  Luke only got in trouble once at the pool.  It's kind of a record for us.
 Then it was Easter...but I'll get to that after we talk about ME!
 As you can see, I turned 31.  In case I wasn't sure, Benjamin bought me some giant numbers from the dollar store to commemorate.  No, really.  That kid's brain is in a "dimension beyond reality" (name that movie)!
 Back to Easter...we dyed eggs and Willie made a football.  So cool!
 Here we are after the hunt had concluded...there are lots of fun videos, but I am not going to wait for them to upload right now.  You'll have to use your imagination!
 And we took some pictures in our Easter best (thanks Mom for making sure they had an Easter best!).
 Notice both of his front teeth are now missing.
 I think this will be her one year old picture!
Why is she so grown up?!
And Sam...I swear I brush her hair.  Really, I do.

And here is a little slideshow of us trying to get a photo of the kids together.  Everyone was happy to smile for the camera...except Reillee....just watch her face as it crumbles into tears, then to a forced smile, then back to tears.  Luke and I were laughing so hard as we scrolled through the pictures!

Happy Easter!  Happy March!  Happy Spring!  Happy Baseball Season!!

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