Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Night

Nobody likes dinner.


Can I have kiwi instead?  Can I have goldfish?  Can I have a doughnut?

Yes, yes, and why did you even ask if you already ate it?

Kids run from the table because it's still light out.  Sam wants to learn to ride her bike.

Right now.

So he teaches her and she learns.

Just like that.

Two skinned knees, one car hit, at least three lawns ridden over.  She tackles the bike the same way she tackles life--with reckless abandon and a smile.

Now the girls are inside.  Reillee is crying, EmJ is dancing, everyone is trying to get Kayde to walk.  She still has beets on her face.

Oh, well.

We are singing Disney princess songs in bed while the soccer ball goes smack! smack! smack! against the house.

Good night, sleep tight, time to feed the baby.

Turn on the ball game.  The AM static is part nostalgia, part annoyance.

Joshua runs in.  The fence and the house and dad have been conquered.  He won both games.  He falls onto my bed in muddy triumph.

Thanks.  Don't disturb the baby.

Now the baby falls asleep.  Maybe tonight she will actually stay that way.

Benjamin hugs me fourteen times.  Who will hug me when he is gone?

Boys in bed.  Time to talk and relax.

How was your day?  Baseball, politics, funny kids, work, and can we please buy a bigger house?

Puppy dog eyes and he agrees to do the dishes.

Nailed it.

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